Tips on Applying for a Grant

To assist families in the application process, we've listed some tips on how to be sure your application will be considered by our grant committee:

  • Make sure you fill in every question on the application; incomplete applications are not considered.
  • Detail what you are requesting; give us a link to a website and an exact price, including shipping and accessories if necessary.
  • Tell us details about your child and your family; the more information you give us the better. We want to get a good picture of your child and how we can improve their comfort and quality of life if your grant is awarded.
  • Provide details about your financial situation, and explain your financial hardships. Please be specific.
  • Remember to let us know if you have actively searched other grants. Tell us where else you have applied for funds, grants, and other financial assistance.

Examples of things we ARE funding at this time (including but not limited to):

  • Special needs bikes and tricycles
  • Wheelchairs and other special needs equipment
  • Adaptive bath and toileting equipment
  • Car seats
  • AFO's
  • iPads and computers
  • Continuing education classes for therapists and parents regarding their child's or client's special need

Things we are NOT able to fund at this time (including but not limited to):

  • Surgery
  • Food/formula and supplements
  • Stem cell replacement
  • Speech, pt/ot/dt/music or hippo therapy
  • Doctor visits
  • Vehicles

The Governing Board has the right to change this in the future.